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Gregg’s Pit Cider & Perry is an award winning, artisan producer of craft cider and perry. We specialise in perry and feature in CAMRA’s ‘Good Cider Guide’ and in the Herefordshire Cider Route.

Our ciders and perries are made using traditional techniques from 100% juice of the fruit of our own orchard and our neighbours’ adjacent orchards, managed to organic standards.

James Marsden bought Gregg’s Pit in 1992 and the title deeds showed that the cottage and traditional orchard had been present since 1785.

He began to restore the orchard which had suffered years of neglect, identifying the many varieties of cider apple and perry pear trees and planting new ones.

James made his first perry at Gregg’s Pit in 1994, re-establishing a tradition that last took place in the 1920’s. Helen Woodman joined him in 1998.

The Gregg’s Pit name originates from a marl pit in one of the orchards, from which it is said the lime mortar was made to point the stonework of the 13th century church of St Bartholomew, Much Marcle.

If you would like to come see us pressing our apples and pears, we are open every October as part of the annual Big Apple Celebrations.

You can read all about us, our orchards, our awards and our cider and perry on the Gregg’s Pit Cider and Perry website.