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Welcome to the page set aside for the Much Marcle Neighbourhood Watch group!

Whether you have found this page by accident or just through mild curiosity, please do read on… ?

What are we about? Who are we?

Neighbourhood Watch in the United Kingdom is the largest voluntary crime prevention movement covering England and Wales with upwards of 2.3 million household members. The charity brings neighbours together to create strong, friendly, and active communities in which crime can be tackled. Neighbourhood Watch Network is the umbrella organization supported by the Home Office and the Ourwatch charity to support Neighbourhood Watch groups and individuals across England and Wales (Wikipedia).

But what does it do?

Well, it is not just signs and stickers… ?

What it should be, through collaboration between its members and the local Police, is an educational & support group that seeks to further improve the crime prevention and safety knowledge of its members and those in the local community.

To be clear, it is not about only protecting its ‘members’ – help can, and will be extended to anyone that needs it.

How do we disseminate information?

Through publicly accessible website pages like this one, Facebook noticeboards (Much Marcle Noticeboard), traditional community noticeboards, WhatsApp (members only) and email of course (members only).

Post COVID-19, local mail drops may also be an option…

What sort of topics might be covered?

The potential list, is long and ever increasing, but this is what we have so far, and very much a work in progress:

  • CCTV (internal)
  • CCTV (external)
  • Home & contents insurance
  • Physical security (home)
  • Physical security (vehicles)
  • Physical security (garden)
  • Animal (domestic and farming) security
  • Online security best practice
  • Cybercrime
  • Online parental controls
  • Security lighting (internal)
  • Security lighting (external)
  • House and outbuilding alarms – traditional & modern (internet and/or mobile connected)
  • Local crime awareness (proactive/preventative) & alerting (reactive)
  • Security marking/tagging expensive items
  • GPS trackers
  • Creating an inventory of high value/attractive items
  • Independent crime prevention survey and advice ‘service’ (post-COVID)
  • Holiday & absence house watching (post-COVID)
  • Uninterruptible power supplies aka UPS
  • Alerting services – WhatsApp (Marcle Watch), WeAlert, NHW etc.

NB. the above list of topics is what we are hoping to be able offer some advice on, but chances are, someone in the group can share their experiences and/or research the subject matter on behalf of others.

What do I have to do as a member?

That really is up to you? Whether you wish to be a passive recipient of crime prevention & safety related information or want to actively promote crime prevention and/or join in topic debates and discussion. The choice is yours.

How do I join up?!

Just go to: to sign-up and request to join the: Much Marcle NHW Group

What if I have further questions? or encounter a problem signing up?

Just email the local co-ordinator: and they will be only too pleased to try and help you out.

NHW Much Marcle

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